CCBS Statement

Lytle Electric Company started pursuing an accreditation for their Behavior Based Safety (BBS) program in 2008 with the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies (CCBS) is a science-based organization whose mission is to advance the scientific study of behavior and its humane application to the solution of practical problems, including the prevention and relief of human suffering.

The Cambridge Center is dedicated to applications of behavior-analytic research to human performance in the workplace. Workplace applications based on the principles of behavior and designed to improve safety performance are often currently referred to as behavior-based safety (BBS) programs. In this document we will refer to BBS programs and other evidence based programs as principles of behavior based safety (PBBS) programs. The more inclusive term PBBS is used to emphasize that all programs, including BBS programs, that are based on the principles of behavior are important to the Cambridge Center. To further the mission of the Cambridge Center, and to achieve its initiative to aid in the reduction of injuries and illnesses of workers through applications of behavior analytic research to human performance in the workplace, CCBS has established a program of accreditation and a registry of accredited PBBS programs.

Lytle had implemented a BBS program in 2005. The program requirements of the CCBS require that 3 years of trending data need to exist before applications can be submitted. With the data in place an application was submitted and accepted at the onset of 2009. An onsite review was performed and in July of the same year, Lytle became the first contractor in the world to receive this coveted accreditation and one of five companies to ever receive the award. This prestigious award placed Lytle in the safety arena with other recipients such as; Eastman Chemical Company, SuperValu, Marathon Petroleum Company and Halliburton.

There is a growing body of applied research on the effectiveness of PBBS programs. This evidence led the Cambridge Center in the early 1990’s to begin a series of Forums on Behavior-Based Safety. The success of these forums led to the first Behavioral Safety Now! conference in 1996. These conferences have become annual events attracting current and prospective PBBS user companies, program specialists, trainers and vendors of various PBBS methods. Lytle Electric Company has presented at the conference every year since 2007. In 2012 Lytle was reaccredited with the CCBS. Seeing the success that Lytle had experienced, 8 more contract companies were accredited in the same year. Lytle maintains a world class ranking in safety as one of fourteen companies to achieve accreditation with the CCBS for outstanding performance with BBS.

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