Lytle Electric Co. is a post war company that started circa 1946/47 by Darnell E. (Ed) Lytle. Lytle Electric was originally a very small company with a handful of employees that did residential and construction work in Crawford County Illinois and the surrounding area. When Ed Lytle started this business, we are sure he had no idea what impact his meager company would have on families in this area for the next 67+ years.

Since its founding, Lytle Electric has expanded greatly, and has had the privilege to have employed literally thousands of men and women throughout the country.

In 1957, Bill Reinoehl was hired by Lytle Electric. Bill was a steady employee for many years, and eventually became a partner in 1970. With that partnership, the company grew by leaps and bounds. Lytle began doing Oil Field Construction for small oil companies, which were in abundance in the area. They also began working in the area of refinery construction and maintenance. While during this time, Lytle continued to work on residential and other electrical maintenance and construction, this period was the beginning of Lytle’s transformation to what it is today.

In 1980, Ed Lytle retired and Bill and Carol Reinoehl became the sole owners of this thriving business. The business continued to grow under Bill’s management, but in 1990 tragedy struck when he had a stroke that would change his life, but fortunately not the life of the business.

Following Bill’s stroke, his son, Jeff Reinoehl purchased the business, and began to take it in a new direction. Today, Lytle Electric employs more than 100 electricians at any one time. While Lytle continues to handle major construction and maintenance projects in the Southeastern Illinois area, it has also had the opportunity to handle similar projects throughout the Midwest.

Lytle Electric has been an honest and upright company that has provided reliable electrical services to the Crawford County area and beyond, as well as comfortable livings for thousands of families throughout these many years. Lytle intends to continue its high quality work in the area, as well as to expand its workforce and its coverage areas in the coming years.